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Not sure what pattern is asking



Hi, I'm very new to this and this is my first time following a proper pattern (I've done a few very small things and know the basics)

This is the pattern i'm trying to create: https://www.deviantart.com/aphid777/art/Small-ish-Haku-372325877

And this is the part i'm currently on (Main white body) questions will be in bold next to the steps

-Magic ring: 6
-Sc, inc, sc 2, inc, sc (8)
-Sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2 (10)
-Sc around (10)
-Sc 3, inc, sc 2, inc, sc (12)
-Sc around (12)
-Sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 3 (15)
-Sc around 2 times (15)
-Sc 4, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 4 (18)
-Sc 5, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 5 (21)
-Sc around 3 times (21) Does this mean 3 individual single crochets? or 3 rows?
-Sc, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 7, dec, sc (18)
-Dec, sc 14, dec (16)
-Sc around 2 times (16)
-Inc, sc 4, dec, sc 2, dec, sc 4, inc (16)
-Sc, inc, sc 3, dec, sc 2, dec, sc 3, inc, sc (16)
-Sc 3, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 3 (14)
-Sc around 32 times (14)
-Sc about 6 more to get back to midline of underbelly
-Sc 3, inc, sc 6, inc, sc 3 (16)
-Sc around 4 times (16)
-Sc about 1 to get back to midline
-Sc 4, inc, sc 6, inc, sc 4 (18)
-Sc around 22 times (18)
-Sc about 4 more to get back to midline
-[Sc 5, inc] around (21)
-Sc around 4 times (21)
-[Sc 6, inc] around (24)
-Sc around 58 times (24)
-Sc about 7 more to get back to midline
-[Sc 6, dec] around (21)
-Sc around 9 times (21)
-[Sc 5, dec] around (18)
-Sc around 15 times (18)
-Sc 1 more
-[Sc 4, dec] around (15)
-Sc around 7 times (15)
-[Sc 3, dec] around (12)
-Sc around 12 times (12)
-[Sc 4, dec] around (10)
-Sc around 5 times (10)
-[Sc 3, dec] around (8)
-[Sc 2, dec] around (6)
-Sc around 6 times (6)
-Sc 2, dec, sc 2 (5)
-Sc around 3 times (5)
-Sc 2, dec, sc (4)

And a  another step later on i'm uncertain of, could you check my translation is correct:

'-Sl st 3 and into 1st ch' (Slip stitch 3, but what does it mean 'into first chain'?)

I think that's all, learning is a very long process 🤔 and thanks in advance!

(Credits to aphid777 on deviantart for the free pattern ^-^)

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I am going to take a stab at explaining this, and I am sure someone with better experience at explaining will come in with better answers.

First question, looks  to me like they want you to crochet 3 rows of 21 stitches.  So you will crochet 3 rows.

Second question I think they want you to slip stitch 3 stitches and then slip stitch in the first slip stitch.  It would be easier to answer that question if I knew how many stitches were in the row.

Beautiful pattern and good luck.  Can't wait to see it done.

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That is an awesome dragon pattern, wow! 

Is the '-Sl st 3 and into 1st ch' part in an area where you are working back and forth, instead of all around?  With that curvy shaping of the body I imagine you are going to make 'short rows', where you go back and forth and make a little 'hill' in the middle of flat fabric (this is one way to turn a sock heel, for example), which aren't that different from the outside bend of dragon curves.... Short rows always (or usually, I can't think of when they don't) work along the side of the hill's stitches, not just across the tops of stitches.  And slip stitches are a subtle way to smooth the transition from one stitch height to another.  So it would not be too odd for a short row to tell you to slip stitch into a place you usually wouldn't, like into a usually unused turning chain where you started a row with "ch1, sc".

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