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Desperately Need Help Translating A Pattern!!


Hi I've been crocheting since I was about 8 years old (for experience reference) and recently wanted to start crocheting some market bags for summer, and also to distract during quarantine. I've come across this absolutely gorgeous pattern, but it is in Dutch! Google Chrome translate saved me, but I don't think the woman actually wrote out the pattern, I think she only did the diagram for it??? Other people have seemed to be able to follow the pattern, and I just want to be able to as well.... If anyone can be of any assistance to me, please please PLEASE let me know because I am beyond in love with this bag!!

Link to pattern: https://madeinassen.jouwweb.nl/haken/tassen-bags/ananas-tas-pineapple-bag

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There is no written pattern at that site, only a chart.  And all the Dutch words are translated in English, it's mostly irrelevant chit chat and describing the hook and thread/yarn used.  

The diagram made me blink for a second, it took a moment to realize it was in 2 parts, that overlapped.  

A lot of things-in-the-round, like doilies or this bag which is sort of a doily turned into a bag, diagram a few rounds in the center completely for reference, then only diagram one of the 'pie slices' that will repeat--this pattern does this as well.

Scroll down until you see the center of what looks like a doily - I'm  going to assume that green squiggle in the center is suggesting you start with an adjustable ring, which is sensible.  Then it goes on to diagram one 'pie slice' (reading bottom to top), and stops at the point where she says 'please do not pin my diagram charts'.

Beyond that, still reading upwards, is another chart, which overlaps the tip of the chart below - the bottom 5 green rows of the top chart are the top 5 rows of the bottom chart.  Then the top chart continues up to the handle and stops - presumably you continue with that last row to make it as long as you want.

I see Reni posted a diagram symbol definition chart as I was typing, thanks!  That was my next step.

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The only pattern there is the diagram. 

It starts with a magic circle

first round: 2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet, chain 2 (4 times)

second round: 2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet, chain 2 in each chain 2 space (8 times)

It increases each round. if it helps o=chain, +=single crochet and t with 2 slashes in them are the treble crochet.

I don't have the time to write out the whole pattern for you, but this might help you get started. The symbol chart ReniC posted will help too.

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