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Piano Bench Cover


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My aunt sent a pattern book to me that she said was beyond her abilities but thought I would like a pattern or two especially the music one.  Well, the afghan pattern was beyond my abilities (or rather it had a confusing section that really wasn't begging me to work it up) but I loved the treble clef panel and one of the note panels.  I had been wanting to make a cover to lay over my piano bench since my cats have picked it with their claws jumping up on it so I modified the pattern a bit to see if I could make it work.  Here's the result! 

Piano Bench cover 1-1.JPG

Piano Bench cover 1-2.JPG

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Looks really cool. I have recently bought a digital piano for my kids and it came with a cheap $99 adjustable height piano bench. The horrid vinyl cover disintegrated within months. The wood legs and mechanical height adjustment were cheap but sufficient.

I re-upholstered the top with some good quality foam and high-quality leather and the seat is now very comfy!  But I have seen really high quality ready-made covers on PerfectlyGrand . Worth having a look.

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