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My fiancé is teaching me to crochet, and I am a slow learner and she is very patient. Her birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting her a yarn bowl, she does not have one. She does alot of things with the large skeins, and multiple skeins. So my question is, is there yarn bowls for large skeins, and multiple skeins? We have a cat so also do they make them work kids so the cat cannot get at it? Ty for any and all help

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Here is one at Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Kimball-Knitting-MSR-Imports-inches/dp/B00MJ789MI/ref=sr_1_22?dchild=1&keywords=yarn+caddy&qid=1585585316&sr=8-22  It hold several  large skeins of  yarn.

Then there is this one, also on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Storage-Cylinder-Organizer-Shouler-Containers/dp/B07RYGYKMK/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=yarn+caddy&qid=1585585499&sr=8-27

You can find lots on there by just typing in yarn storage.  I would stay away from the mesh ones, since I think you said she has cats. 

I don't see the one I have anymore, it is plastic. 

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It all depends on whether she works from a skein or from an actual ball of yarn. If from a skein or multiple skeins, Mary Jo sent a couple of good examples of what is available. If she works from a ball of yarn here is a bowl listed as large (9" wide x 3" high):


Typically yarn bowls don't seem to be very deep.

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I was asked, by a lady who teaches crochet locally, if I made yarn bowls. I had looked at them online and wondered. After she asked I decided that I had a part finished tulip tree wood bowl that might just fit the job. It had a large-ish fissure in the side that would transform into the 'slot' for the yarn and all it needed was the hole at the bottom end. I now have, what I think is, a lovely yarn bowl. The grain is always lovely on tulip wood and the reason that I have never got fed up with wood turning, even after 25 years.  With the unbalance caused by the fissure it was not an easy bowl to turn!  The wood came from a tree that was poorly and being felled. It was on the banks of the Canal du Midi near to Carcassonne, Aude, France near where we used to live.

It's now the time for the most difficult bit and that is deciding how much it will sell for ?? It really is round, but the dip in the side on the second photo makes it look as if it isn't. The size is 7 1/2" diameter by 4 1/2" high

Tulip wood yern bowl 1.JPG

Tulip wood yern bowl 2.JPG

Tulip wood yern bowl 3.JPG

Tulip wood yern bowl 4.JPG

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It's fascinating, beautiful work and wood, I like the rustic look of it.  No idea of value, it's so unique. 

I've never used a yarn bowl, but what I'm wondering about is yarn snagging potential; yarn balls tend to jump around when you pull yarn from them; the point of the bowls is to contain the jump to a smaller area but (I imagine) the yarn strand may wander up and down that slot as the yarn ball bounces around in the bowl, and not stay in that nice smooth round area at the end of the slot.  Just mentioning it since the fissure near the slot's bottom end is the first thing I noticed, it might occur to potential customers as well...

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Thank you for noticing that. I had missed it and it won't be there for very long. The rest of it is quite smooth and shouldn't be a problem.

It was quite fascinating to see the different features qppear as it was being turned. It's always the same because when it's spinning you can see the shape, but it's not till you stop the lathe that you see what it is really like. Obviously, every one is just so different.

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