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Pattern help with ruffle


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Have you ever made a plain edge all the way around a blanket?  It's the same idea, except you are adding stitches to make it ruffle (3 stitches into each stitch, instead of 1 stitch into each stitch) and at the same time securing the ribbon ends as you go pass them.

So you go back and grab the blanket yarn you'd left dangling when you made the ribbons and wove them in, and then work down the sides of the blankets -- that's what it means by 'work 3 stitches in the end of each row'--you are going to be working into the side of the end stitch (be consistent where to stick the hook, it's not going to look like the nice  tidy top of a stitch where you'd usually work into..  It says not to turn, so you are working with the right side facing you all the way around. 

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Hi Magic! :hi Typing at the same time again.

To the OP--Also, it looks like the ruffle is only at the sides of the blanket in round 1, and the top and bottom is plain (1 stitch into 1 stitch, instead of 3 in 1).  In the next round, all the stitches will have 2 sc made into them, so there will be a ruffle all around but more pronounced at top and bottom. 

It is written a tiny bit oddly, in that it says to do the sides, then the top and bottom, but really you'd be doing side, bottom, other side, top all in 1 big 'round'.  (well, 2 big rounds really--the last one will be a little easier as you will be working all into tops of stitches, not into sides as in the first round)


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