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Replicate Goodwill hat- help identify stitch??




I am very new to crochet, to the point where I am still learning different stitches as I try different projects. I've had this hat I found at Goodwill since I was 16, but it's getting old and I would like to try to replicate it. Could you please help me identify what kind of stitch this is? It appears that the stitching at the top and bottom of the hat are the same! 

Thank you!!! 

See the hat: 


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I agree, I do have a knit loom but found it was easier to real-knit so don't recall how the stitches might be different, but the raised stitches look exactly like twisted knit stitches (the legs are crossed).

You can get a similar look a couple of ways, the easiest is to make crochet ribbing in a rectangle that fits long-way around your head, and short way from brim to crown, seam up the short sides and gather it at the top, and add a pom pom to disguise the gather.  Crochet ribbing=sc in the back loop.  I think these are worked this way, or at least they came up in a 'worked flat' search:  Done in one  and Easiest Hat and Knit Look

Or, a hat that is done in the round top down in DC, where you make the ribbing with DC front post stitches.  It will have a similar feel, but won't look the same.  SC ribbing looks more like that raised knit stitch.   Like this pattern.

Hmm, this looks interesting, I've never done brioche in knitting or crochet https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/brioche-beanie



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