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Hi! I am a new crocheter and am doing very basic patterns and stitches. I am working on a pattern and am confused on a row. The row is: Chain 3, turn, skip first dc, dc in the back loop of each stitch across, working a dc in beginning chain- 3 space.

I understand the chain 3, turning, skipping the first stitch part but I don't understand the rest of it.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi, and welcome to the 'ville!

Look at the top of the stitches at the row below, they sort of look like ike = , sorta (best I can do with a keyboard), but 2 horizontal-ish loops that look like a chain.

The fabric side facing you, for the purpose of point out the back loop, is at the front.  So the 1 of the 2 loops of the chain that is at the back side, is the back loop.  Or, the top loop if you are looking down at it, and the bottom loop is the front of the fabric.

The reason to work into the back loop may be 1) it makes a decorative horizontal line, 2) it is how you make ribbing, if all stitches are in the back loop, 3) it can be the 'base' to make a stitch into a few rows later, a surface decoration over the front of the fabric.

I'll see if I can find a graphic better than my equal sign, but I hope the above makes sense.


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