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Help Starting A Front Loop Single Crochet



I've only done Afghans with a single crochet.  I was wanting to try something different.

I have my foundation chain made, but I am not sure what to do for the next row.

Do I do a row of single crochet and then on the next row (3rd row) start the front loop single crochet?  Or do I just start crocheting the front loop stitch right away on the 2nd row?


Thanks for the help!

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I just tried this, and ended up flipping it over until the back bump was facing me, and used the top loop - which is the same as working the bottom/front loop with the other side facing.  I didn't do this on purpose, it just sort of flipped itself as I was trying to work into that loop.

Really there is no right answer, except -- I suggest you play with this over, say, 10 stitches, before you make a chain of 200 or whatever for a whole blanket - see what looks good to you.  

Or, if you are looking for something different, maybe branch out a bit further -- it's not THAT different than plain SC (it's reversible, has a ridge every other row but otherwise looks like SC pretty much..  

Maybe try alternating sc in the front loop 1 row, back loop the other on your swatch after the few rows of the front loop.  

Back loop only will make ribbing, not a flat fabric.  Front loop only lies flat.

Or, find a stitch dictionary - like new stitch a day, link is to the main page, go to 'stitchionary', crochet, and pick whatever you like--maybe 'textured and plain' would be a  good place to start.



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