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Magic Crochet Magazines

We found this site through research and are happy to see the interest. The interest in crochet is still great and active in this house but this many magazines is more than any one home needs.

We inherited multiple full sets of 155 ea. magazines, “Magic Crochet Magazines” plus many extra copies. Some of these are still in the original plastic covers. All are in good to excellent condition. Some of the front covers are sun faded due to storing inside but sun through the window faded the colors a few per set. Each set weighs about 56 lbs. so shipping will be a challenge.

Now we need to figure out where and how to sell these so they can get back out there for others to enjoy and share.

This picture is just a small part of one set. we would love to entertain any questions and also advice on how or whol can use these. 


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We have a thread to sell or swap magazines and such.  It is called Buy and Sell under  The Exchange.

If you check out the many Crochet-a-longs, you will find lots of people.  If you need help, post a question in the Q&A.  Someone will be there to help you.  Weekends do seem to be less busy.

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