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2020 Temperature Afghan CAL


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2020 is an iconic year - One that I wanted to take on a special project for and I hope others will join along with me!  I have been eyeing temperature blankets for years and decided this was the year to go for it!  Each day the temperature is recorded by the color yarn you use.  You can use as many or as few colors as you like.  Since we all live in different places, it will be fun to see how different each looks! 

A couple links are below with yarn ideas or you can get creative (scrap buster?).  Straight rows?  Ripple?  Corner to Corner?  Your choice!  I’m going to use ten colors with the low temperature on the left side of the row and the high temperature on the right.  The Weather Channel website has listings of each day’s recorded temps for the month of January – I just went back and wrote all of them down in a journal to get started this weekend.


Can’t wait to see your projects!




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