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Stash or Bust.... and it all goes wrong!!!

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I hate it when you have a plan to only use what you have in the house for a crochet project...

You find the perfect pattern after spending three days looking... it was a shawl pattern.

You make sure you have enough yarn... it asked for a bulky yarn size 5 so you figured just add some extra rows since your using size 4 instead....

You get to the end of the 24 row and figure you'll just have to add a few more but the more you look at it it might fit a 2 year old where did you go wrong?? I know we've all asked ourselves this a question a million times...

So I keep adding yarn and then I run out of one color and now it might fit a small adult but I really wanted to be a lot bigger.. and I only have half a skein of the other color and I still have to make the hood and finish several more rows....

 I hang my head in shame and know I have to head to the store not only do I have to buy more yarn which I didn't want to do but now I have to pick a different color since obviously dye lots don't match and I had this yarn in the closet forever....

Pull up a seat and tell me your yarn nightmare...

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I hate when I see a cute pattern and buy the yarn specifically for it. Then as soon as I start crocheting I realize that I really, really hate this pattern. Now I have to find something else to do with that amount of yarn.

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It never fails that when I am making something, I do not have enough white - pink (any shade) or black.  I just had to buy white, for a project.  I am trying also to use up my yarn to no avail.

I have 50 shades of red, 25 shades of green and lots of fingering yarn.  :bang

I usually end up with my project being bigger than I expected, especially when it is clothing.

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