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Crochet and iron on backing


I have made some little blankets crocheted and I am going to be putting fleece on the other side and I struggle to sewing wool on my sewing machine and I wanted to know could I use iron on backing to make the blanket a bit firmer and easier to see the fleece 

I have added an image of what I'm working with 


Or of any one had any suggestion on easy ways to do this

Thanks xx


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Hand sew.  That is the only solution that is going to work well and look well.

Iron-on anything only works on fabrics that can take high heat (cotton, wool) AND are finely woven (or finely machine-knit, like ironing on graphics on cotton T-Shirts.  Crochet fabric and fleece are much too coarse to stick together with iron on stuff.  Most fleece yardage, and probably your yarn are made of man-made plastic material that can't withstand the required heat.  Take it from someone who has been sewing her own clothes for decades, using iron-on interfacing and such, and knows what works and what doesn't, and ruined things finding out.

Cut out the fleece backing and sew it with the same yarn using a large eyed needle and a blanket stitch.  If you want, you could use the blanket stitch as a 'foundation  row' to add a simple crochet edging for a finishing touch.

Blanket stitch 

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