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Stuck on a pattern




I'm currently working on a project I'd like to get done in time for Christmas. Though, I've managed to get stuck on a section of it. 

The pattern I'm using involves the pink triangles and the chart.



It says we're suppose to increase using HDC and chains. 

However, when I start off by chaining three, and yarning over and HDCing into the first CH. Then continuing the pattern from there by chaining 3 turning my work and HDCing into the second stitch etc... 

I get big holes in my project. Which looks nothing like the pink triangles from the pattern. 



Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. How should I be doing this? Can anyone please help me?

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Hi, and welcome to the 'ville.

This looks like/reminds me of a stitch that has a bunch of names and variations, I learned it as 'woven stitch', which is alternating sc, ch1, in your case hdc, ch1, then on the following row you stitch around the chain, and chain 'over' the stitch of the prior row.

I see 2 things: (1) your gauge is quite a bit looser than the pink examples, try a smaller hook to shrink the gaps* (2) it looks like you are stitching into, not around, the chain in the prior row.  99% of the time when a stitch goes 'into' a chain, it means to make the stitch around the chain.  To make a stitch around the chain, treat the whole chain like the top 2 loops of the stitch in the row below --in other words for hdc, yarn over, stick the hook in the hole completely under the chain and complete your stitch.  This lowers the height of the stitch a little bit, and fills a little bit of the hole, so makes the fabric denser / holes smaller; it also changes the appearance of the stitch quite a bit.

* Have you made a gauge swatch?  Doing this before starting a project is always a good idea, even if it is not a wearable.  All crocheters, including designers, all have different stitch tensions and you never know how the designer's compares to yours until you swatch.


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