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Seeking UK based crocheters!


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Hi everyone,

I own a small little online shop selling crochet clothing. For 2020 I want to rebrand and sell lots more things: tops, skirts, dresses etc. I know I won't be able to do this alone, so I'm asking if any UK based crocheters or anyone that knows anyone that would be interested in helping get in touch!

Some of the items would be VERY easy to make, and you would essentially be making stock (so everything in your own time.... within reason). So as to not technically "employ" someone, I would pay per item instead of work per hour, and we could work all this out for anyone that is interested. 

Please help me in my last little push to have a successful crochet business by spreading the word!

Thank you!



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Hello Charlotte, I am interested in making items for you, if you are still in need of someone.Can I have more info about the offer please. Would you supply the the yarn and pattern for the items? I assume the time frame and price would depend on the item. I am in Lincolnshire so would the items be posted? 

Thank you 


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