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Need help with pattern



I am crocheting a cardigan, the pattern of which is found in the link below:


My question pertains to Row 2 of Shell Lace of Special Stitches, the last part - "3 dc in third ch of beg ch".

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), 2 dc in hdc, *(sc, ch 3, sc) in ch-2 sp, Sh in ch-3 sp; rep from * to last ch-2 sp, (sc, ch 3, sc) in ch-2 sp, 3 dc in third ch of beg ch, turn.

I am not understanding what/where the third chain of beginning chain is located. It would be great if anyone can help me with this.


Thanks in advance!





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Hello again!

I am back with the next and final (!!finally!!) section of the cardigan, needed to check with you guys if I am correct in deciphering.

This is regarding the section "Left Sleeve" and it says:

"With WS facing, attach yarn with a sl st to right most chain of beg-ch from Right Sleeve"

Is the beginning chain the very first chain for the Right sleeve i.e. the Ch 16?

This is regarding the section "Row 1 (WS) of Left Sleeve" and it says:

"Ch 3, sc in same ch, *sk 2 ch..."

The same ch is which chain, the one from which Ch 3 originates or in continuation of Ch 3?

Thanks :)






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This is an unusual construction for the sleeves (not unheard of for say a scarf, where you want the stitch pattern ends to match so you start in the center, work to 1 end, go back to the center, work to the other end).  Interesting, and very pretty pattern. 

I don't blame you for asking about this area of the pattern.  I just deleted an explanation because I was confusing myself :lol  It's not hard, and the pattern wording isn't wrong, it's just ...what you will be doing is a little disorienting.  Let me try again:

The wrong side of the right sleeve has the first row as it was made facing you. When you make the first row into the foundation chain, the tail end is at the same end as the last stitch of that row, so at the left side.  (I suggest putting a safety pin, bobby pin, something to mark the wrong side). 

Orient the right sleeve with the orientation as you made it, foundation yarn tail on the left bottom. (yes, the 16 chains)

OK.  Now you need to work from the foundation chain "down" in the opposite direction that you worked the first sleeve.  But to do so, you need the foundation chain facing "up".  So don't flip it over, spin it around so the same wrong-side that was facing you still is, but the chain end is now at the top, and the yarn tail should now be on the right side (as the pattern says), next to where you will be attaching yarn to work in the other direction for the left sleeve.

When you work into a foundation chain, it leaves 1 or 2 strands unused.  You will be working into these remaining 1 or 2 strands to work the other sleeve (don't leave a strand of the chain unused, it will 'show' as a line in the middle of the back).


Second part:"Ch 3, sc in same ch, *sk 2 ch..."  what you did right before this was attach the yarn right next to the yarn tail of the foundation of the first sleeve made.  You are working into the the remaining loops of the underside of the chain.  So you do all that in red, in the same spot you reattached the yarn.


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Granny Square thank you so much! So sweet of you to explain the orientation with the details :) That's clear to me now.

But there is another question, the instruction says "With WS facing, attach yarn with sl st to right most ch of beg-ch from Right Sleeve."

So if the WS is facing me then the yarn tail would be on my right hand side, but if I attach the yarn as instructed then I have to attach it to the right most ch of beg-ch, which I understand is the turning chain after I did the foundation chain of 16 chains. Then as  understand it, I would be attaching the yarn to the opposite side of the existing yarn tail. Am I correct?

Also I did not understand the 'unused strands' that you mentioned.


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Maybe a visual will help - my little 1 row swatch is the first sleeve with just the first row done, so I've chained, turned (the point that I turned is the farthest from the tail), and worked back, right to left, back to the tail (left pic).  So if I spin it around 180° on the table, not turning it over, (right pic) the chain is on the top, and the stitch tops are on the bottom, and the tail is on the right.  The red arrow is where you will add the yarn to work into the underside of the chains.

Edit, safety pin is marking the first row 'right' side.



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Yay, glad it made sense.  Working into the unused loops (I should have said loops, not strands earlier, my bad) of the chain is a weird concept the first time you run into it, but it is not uncommon - it's how you make an oval for example.

I'll often make a stitch diagram of something new I can't quite visualize, or make a little swatch like this to verify I'm understanding something before I tackle it.

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