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Help with creating cabled shawl



So I'm trying to create a cabled triangle shawl and I have achieved something very similar to what I wanted, in the pics you can see, the cables are 6 dcs apart. 


My goal: I want there to be only 2dcs in between cables so they are much closer together

Right now, I have been adding new cables once there are 12 sts ( not incl the edge stitch and one stitch inside the chain of the center point) on either side of an existing cable. 


Does that maybe help anybody to help me? Haha.. I have no clue. 


Thanks so much in advance 




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Wow.  This is a really awesome idea!  And it looks like you are 99% there.

I'm thinking that less is more (and this is just my own design aesthetic--quiz 100 of us and you will probably have 100 different ideas).  Only 2 stitches between cables would lessen the impact of the cables IMO.  I think they make a dramatic statement with their current spacing, or close to it.  Or maybe something like a straight (well, diagonal) 1 or 2 post stitch line centered between the cables.

There's something off though.  The cables meet in different rows in the bottom 2 cable rows  but the third cable set does seem to come together in a more logical way.  

This is old school (but quicker than trial and error crocheting); I would be taking pencil and paper and sketching out scenarios to make the cables look like they branch out logically from the center; the cables should meet each other mirror imaged on either side of the spine.  In fact I'd draw it from the center to the edge so you don't have to guess where they meet. 



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