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Hot Pads


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For the past two years I have been making these hot pads for a small local shop that would take a small commission for selling them. Unfortunately the shop just recently closed so I am looking for another place that might take some to sell. These are all made up as I go. I unfortunately don't right patterns down, maybe I should, lol.

Hot pads easter.jpg

Hot pads pizza.jpg

Hot pads tea.jpg

hot pads1.jpg

Hot pads2.jpg

Hot pads3.jpg

Hot pads4.jpg

Hot pads5.jpg

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If you write out the patterns, they're pretty easy to self-publish and sell on Amazon/Etsy/Ravelry as an ebook.  I haven't looked into books-on-demand, but they're a way to publish a book and only actually print it when someone buys the book.  I got an art instruction book done that way last year.  When it arrived, the ink was still smelling as if it just came off the press.


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Might be a good idea for you to write down some patterns. At least of those what are selling the most.

You probably  could make more money by selling those patterns :).  You could try to sell both on Etsy.


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