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Silk Flowers Arrangements I made..

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Hello Everyone! :)

Here are few pictures of Silk Flowers arrangements I made for my home a while ago. Those flower arrangements are pretty big.

I have no idea if you are interested looking at silk flowers or maybe not?. LOL

Have a Great Weekend!,


My Silk Flower arrangement 1.jpg

My Silk Flower arrangement 2.jpg

My Silk Flower arrangement 3.jpg

My Silk Flower arrangement 4.jpg

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17 hours ago, katyallen8090 said:

oooh pretty i want at least two of them lol  lovely work as always krys  

oh and i have a pair of those white cats in my hutch krys!! 

Thank you Katy,

I got cats, ducks,  BIG Lion, Puma and a lot more... I even got huge white shell, I put a greenery in it.  It looks good. I love those things :). I LOVE beautiful lamps, they do not make them beautiful any longer. I love shoes & purses. A LOT of shoes...! LOL


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