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16 hours ago, NCcountrygal said:

I've wanted to make this for years.  I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach.

Mary Maxim kit with pattern.  I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat.  Different color blanket.  My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.



I made this a couple of years ago--and my gauge was also way off!! (Think maybe THEIR gauge may have been wrong????)

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Like I said above that is very cute:)

Today I was looking at Mary Maxim at those 5" little baby dolls ( same size like that baby doll above). I want to buy 2 of them ( it is  almost 7 bucks each). = $14.00 for 2. I thought that will be OK. Until I got to shipping charges..Mary Maxim wanted over 12 bucks plus sales tax for shipping those 2 tiny dolls (that was the cheapest shipping there). For God sick  that would be over $27.00 with sales tax. That is when I did not felt happy any longer! LOL

I went on amazon.com and bought 8 of them for $20.00 (no shipping). They are cute, they said the legs,arms & head are movable :). I have NO  IDEA WHAT I am going to do with 8 of them??:rofl I only wanted 2 of them. BUT, I just got way to angry at Mary Maxim for those charges. Maybe they are not exactly the same, they look good enough for me. I really do not see any difference :). Mary Jo probably will know the difference :)

Here is that link to those 5" Baby Dolls I bought:




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The purses are made using yarn. 

The difference in the dolls is so small, it does not make a big difference.  They have a different type of face and the color is different.  The others are lighter.  I have not bought the ones from MM because of the price.  The others are just as good.  I use them all the time.

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On 9/17/2019 at 4:49 PM, USpolishgirl said:

Is that "Cradle purse" made using yarn? or crochet thread?.

Medium worsted yarn.  The pattern and gauge aren't correct for this size doll.  If you get the pattern be prepared to adjust as needed(and there are count stitch errors...not big deal).  I did the pink section with an I hook.  I also used H and size 7.  I used medium worsted white instead of the sport for the outfit.  I didn't follow pattern for outfit or blanket. eta  I think originally RH super saver was used.

Here's a cutie...not sure if link will work.  https://www.walmart.com/ip/My-Sweet-Love-Lots-to-Love-5-Baby-Doll-with-Outfit-and-Mini-Rocking-Horse/461644883?

for $4+.


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