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Super EASY Tunsian Crochet Mesh Dishcloth / Washcloth

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Several years ago, I decided to write a crochet stitch dictionary. One of the first few stitches I discovered at the time was an easy Tunisian crochet mesh stitch. I say "discovered" rather than "designed" because the stitch is sooooo easy and basic that I am sure others must have also discovered and used it before I ever stumbled across it. It's basically just afghan stitch alternated with yarnovers. The results are really pretty, and the stitch just flies off your hook once you get comfortable working it. It also doesn't use much yarn, and drapes beautifully.

Anyway, I fell SO in love with this stitch that I got distracted from the stitch dictionary and started designing bunches of projects with it.

Then I gave birth to my daughter, and totally got sidetracked from crocheting at all, let alone sharing projects, let alone writing the stitch dictionary.

Four years went by, and here I am! (How did that happen?)

One of the projects I made before my daughter entered my life is this dishcloth / washcloth. It is an ideal project for learning, and practicing the Tunisian crochet mesh stitch I am so enchanted with:

Free Crochet Pattern: Easy Tunisian Crochet Mesh Dishcloth / Washcloth

I hope you'll enjoy the pattern, and the stitch.

One of the best things about this stitch is the amazing colorwork you can do with it. You wouldn't necessarily guess that from this particular pattern, which is worked in a solid color. I have a whole bunch of colorwork projects that I eventually hope to share. But, the dishcloth is a good prerequisite to try before you get started with those. They can get a little more complicated, and this one isn't at all complicated. If you get to the point where you can do the stitch in your sleep, the colorwork patterns are all a piece of cake after that.

Anyway, please let me know what you think of the stitch. Is it just me, or is it really as amazing as I think it is?



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