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Hats for Kolby & MORE...:)

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Hats for Kolby :)
About 4 months ago (before Easter) I crochet two hats:  Bunny & Lamb hat for a little girl name Kolby.  She is a granddaughter of my friend. Right now she is about 3,5 years old.  I was not sure if those hats would fit her properly.  I  did not  had  her head measurement  & I could not try that on her before I finished.  Kolby & her parents living in different State.  I was lucky, they fit her very well.
At that time I was busy.. and I didn't took pictures of those hats. When my friend pick them up she told me she will take pictures to send to her daughter before she will mail that to her. I was happy that I would get pictures of those hats from her. I did got them from her.  BUT, she took those pictures with Zip-locks bags on!  Who dos that?? LOL
Later I got couple pictures of Kolby wearing those hats ( Bunny & Lamb). As you can see Kolby is even holding one of the blankets I made for her just before she was born. I was very surprised & happy to see that blanket in a such  good condition after over 3 years.. :). I think Kolby is very tall for her age. 
That blanket she is holding it was part of a Baby Set I made for her just before she was born.. I will include picture of that Baby Set here. Some of you  probably will remember that picture. At that time I made for her more hats & head band which her mother loved a lot. At the same time I made another much bigger blanket for her using Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn ( last picture here)
Unfortunately I can NOT find picture of Kolby wearing that Bunny Hat ( Cap). I know I got that picture from them, I probably did not saved that :(. That Bunny hat looks very cute on her.
Have a Great Weekend!

Bunny Hat.JPG

Lamb Hat.JPG

Luan granddaughter pic 1 Lamb hat.jpeg


DSC00386 (1).JPG

DSC00361 (1).JPG

DSC00421 (1).JPG

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5 hours ago, NCcountrygal said:

Absolutely adorable gifts you made for Kolby.  She looks so cute wearing her lamb hat and holding her blankie.

Thank you very much:).

I made that Lamb hat little longer (deeper).  Sometimes she wears her hair up in a "bun".


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5 hours ago, bgs said:

Krys the lamb and bunny hats are adorable.  Kolby looks so happy with her blanket and hat.  That was a nice baby set you made for her.

Thank you Brenda :).

You always give me a lot of compliments on my work :).



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4 hours ago, Granny Square said:

Awwww :manyheart  These are wonderful, you made a little girl and her mom very happy I'm sure!

Thank you very much! :)

Each time I see you here, it always comes to my mind that Santa potholder pattern. That one Mary Jo and all of us were having so much problems to figure that out.. LOL


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4 hours ago, Tampa Doll said:

so cute and Kolby looks so happy.  She seems to love her stuff and takes care of it.

Mary Jo thank you very much! :)

I am very happy that they taking good care of that blanket.  I told that mom how to wash & dry those crochet items. I wasn't sure she will fallow my instructions, she was very young.

I like to crochet for people who will take good care of  my work. After all  it takes long time to make, it can't be  done in a day. It is just a heart breaking to see all your work destroyed in a short time. Just because  they think it is to much to ask from them to fallow a very simple wash & dry instruction.  When I see something like that happens, I do NOT crochet anything for that person anymore!. They can buy that stuff from China LOL


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