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August 2019 - Oval Tablecloth

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This tablecloth will be for my 32 year old Granddaughter. Four years ago she was diagnoses with breast Cancer and underwent rounds of chemotherapy followed by double mastectomy. In November 2018 she underwent reconstructive surgery.


The mastectomy meant that three of her lymph nodes had to be removed as well leaving her with a compromised immune system and is now prone to infections. Preop testing also showed that she had a small brain tumor which was successfully removed.

now recovering from this ordeal, she just moved into her own apartment and she has an oval kitchen table. Knowing that I crochet, she asked me if I could make her a tablecloth. This is a huge project that I willingly undertook and the chart  pattern is one that I found online. The actual colour is a dusty rose which is her favourite colour.

much more to do on it yet but I hope to have it finished for her as a Christmas gift.

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You are off to a wonderful start. Its going to be beautiful.  Prayers for your granddaughter's continued recovery.  

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That is coming along nicely. 

Sending healing thoughts and strength to your granddaughter, egad she was so young when her ideal started. 

Tell her you've been chatting online here with another breast cancer survivor (me), healthy now for 21 years.  Hearing survivors' stories gave me encouragement when I was going through treatment and recovery, now I'm pleased to have reached an age to have grey hair and qualify for social security!


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