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Alaska Redhead

Pattern help DRESS


Hello all,

So I understand basic patterns but I still get thrown by parenthesis and mostly asterisks. It seems when I got to this part in my pattern I may have repeated the wrong things because I didn't understand which sections it wanted me to repeat and how many times. Would it inconvenience anyone to translate one or all of these instructions so I can get unstuck?😢 Forgive a befuddled beginner! Thanks everyone!❤❤❤


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This is a great site for all sorts of good info https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards

Link is to main page (so you can explore other stuff besides what pertains to your question), see menu at the right side.  For your question, choose 'crochet patterns, how to read", scroll down a bit past half way to 'parentheses, asterisks, brackets'.

The double asterisk ** is covered, it means "ignore it the first time you see it, it is to mark a specific spot in the pattern repeat that you will have to do something different about, in a specific part later in that same line when the ** pops up again " - which you can see it does, "repeat from ** to last scallop" etc.

But what is not explained in the craft yarn council link is the part that says "ch2 (2-3-3)". Somewhere (usually at the very beginning) you pattern said something like , "instructions given for size 1, size 2, 3, 4 given in parentheses".  So "ch2 (2-3-3)" means for size 1 and 2 chain 2, for sizes 3 & 4 chain 3.  So, you have to remember where the size you are working and where you size instruction 'sits' inside the parentheses.  For something with more sizes than this, I usually circle the number I'm supposed to follow before starting the pattern so I don't mess up.

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