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Help with pattern instructions!


Hi! I have been working on these steps for forever and just cannot figure them out. I’ve finished the nose instructions and have the required 11 stitches. I joined the gold for the muzzle and followed the first two steps after joining, but I cannot figure out how to follow the next pieces of instruction. “Working in front of previous 2 rnds on Nose (Fig 6., page 2), sc in skipped sc on Rnd 1 and in next sc on Rnd 3”. 

I’ve tried many different variations of this, but by the time I finish the round I have more than 17 stitches, or I get to the last step and still have a few more stitches to go before joining. Am I crazy? Please help me!



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I'm reading that you stitch into the 2 stitches I've very crudely colored in red.  It's a little awkward, but first reach the hook down into the stitch that the diagram is showing the U shaped arrow (the lower left red stitch); you may have to shove the fabric around a little to 'get stuff out of the way' so you can do this.  After completing that stitch, make the next into the red stitch to it's left.

It's a decorative technique with lots of variations, used to make a stitch over the surface of the fabric; not uncommon for lace, but for a toy I could see it used to 'draw' a raised line or shape.

PS, welcome to the 'ville!


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