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I just bought the book Edwards Menagerie and am having a terrible problem reading the patterns. I am new to crochet but pick things up quickly, this book is a nightmare can anyone help 

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Welcome to the 'ville!

I don't have the book, but in poking around at another site (Ravelry) there seems to be a lot of finished projects, and high ratings.

Lots of clues though that this is probably in UK terms -- are you in the US?  UK crochet terms use the same words but they mean different things, for some silly reason the terms USED to match but about 100 years ago the US went and changed theirs.  Not sure if that's part of the problem, but briefly:

chain and slip stitch mean the same thing in both lingos


US DC = UK treble

US HDC = UK HTR (half treble)

and so on, the UK stitches are 'promoted' 1 level from the US terms, and UK has no SC.  One way to tell, if it says 'chain 1, turn, DC' it is probably in UK terms.  From the pictures I saw, and that most toys are as well, SC is the primary stitch used.  Sometimes the language is a little different, like 'miss' instead of 'skip', but it's not too undecipherable.

If there's something else confusing you, it's OK to type a couple of lines of a pattern that is a problem, just don't scan the whole pattern here due to copyright issues.

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Hi  and Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

I have several of his books.  I have the dolls, monsters and bugs.  Is there something special you need help with?

They are written in UK terms, so that is one problem, but once you realize this, the patterns start to fall in place.

If there is something special I can help you with, send me a message and I will try to help.

Edited by Tampa Doll

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Welcome to the 'ville.  Sorry you are having problems but this is a good place to get help.  We love seeing pictures of everyone's projects.  

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