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Introduction - Request for help...

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Per your request I am introducing myself. I live in New Mexico and I first picked up a crochet hook at about 13 years old. This week I decided to pick up a crochet project I started several years back thinking I knew the stitch that I was using but was apparently wrong. 😞 Now I have about a yard of fabric completed and cannot continue. So I thought I would look for some assistance online and that led me to your site.

Please let me know if you think you might be able assist. I am attaching a photo of the work I've done to see if you can tell what kind of stitch I was using. I wasn't using a "formal pattern or stitch". I just knew I would like an afghan for my living room and decided to crochet it myself with a simple stitch that I "thought" was a simple double crochet. Obviously that was incorrect since when I added a couple rows of double crochet it did not match my previous work. I have looked through a lot of crochet photographs and have found nothing similar in appearance to what I did previously. I really like, not only the appearance of the previous work but I love the soft drape of it and it feels exactly like what I wanted when I started the whole project.  I have also ripped out several rows in an attempt to deconstruct what I was doing previously but I am just not experienced enough to figure it out.

I would appreciate any help or guidance that can be provided. On the first photograph I have circled an area where there is a diagonal thread on the back side that creates a small opening. That opening is skipped and I was stitching into the next "opening/stitch". I'm pretty sure I was wrapping the thread over the hook and inserting it in the next stitch but from there I'm lost.

Thank you,




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Welcome to the 'ville.  We will put our thinking caps on to see if we can help.  Maybe you were doing half double crochets.  You might want to post your request for help in the Help section of the forum as you might get a better response there.  This is a swatch of hdc made between hdc stitches on previous row 20190522_201007.thumb.jpg.450a83e9c7f62488b170d9538e448b4f.jpg

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Hi  and Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

That is what I thought it was a half double crochet.

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Welcome, and 'me three' on that it looks like half double crochets (US terms) made between stitches, not in the tops as is more typical.

Take a look at the sides, when you work between stitches it's really easy to mess up the stitch count versus working into every stitch.

A related stitch which also drapes nicely is sc, ch 1; it has many names, the most descriptive I think is woven stitch; would also work with a hdc, chain 1.  The nice thing about this is, by it's nature it's easier to keep the stitch count the same; every other row starts and ends differently but it's easy to see what you need to do if you put it down and don't pick it up for a while.  Here is one video that shows the technique.

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