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CrazyHands Pattern Gauge questions


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Are you using aran weight yarn and 3.25mm needles (US 3)?  What gauge are YOU getting?

For me, that's a weird gauge for that size yarn and needle size, but then my gauge is my own, and not the designers' or yours.  I think the only time I've used a #3 (3mm) needle is with fingering weight yarn.  Example, my gauge on past projects with RHSS (worsted/aran weight) and a much bigger #10 needle (6mm) is 18 stitches per 4", so a only a tiny bit bigger stitches than 20 sts per 4" but crikey, that's with a needle double the size of the one your pattern calls for (and also that's on plain stockinette, not a brioche cable).  

Remember what I said on another of your threads about thinking of gauge as a box to fill: if the box is supposed to hold 20 stitches, and you can fit only a smaller number, your stitches are too big to fit the enough number into the box so you need to make smaller stitches; if you can fit more than 20, your stitches are too small to be 'right' for the gauge box.  

So the answer to 'how to hit gauge' is, you might have to make a lot of swatches of the cable pattern with a lot of needle sizes.  I'm also not familiar with the type of stitch used so can't help there, brioche stitches are on my list of things to try but haven't gotten around to yet. 

Also, sanity check on the gauge.  You cast on 96 or multiple of 24.  If you are getting pattern gauge of 20 stitches per inch, that's 4" divided by 20 = 0.20" per stitch.  So, 0.20" per stitch x 96 stitches is 19.2".  So it's going to have to stretch 3" or so to fit the average adult head; I don't know how stretchy that stitch is to know if that seems reasonable.

needle size chart fyi http://p2tog.com/conversionchart.html


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