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Hello from dreary Tennessee today. I'm taking a break from work to look around for inspiration. I'll be back when I'm done to look around more.

I'm retired/self-employed part-time and parent to three bottle-raised cats and two small dogs. Breast cancer survivor and klutz--looking forward to surgery to remove two of six screws in the ankle I broke being stupid back in January.

Not an expert crocheter by any means, but I'm not afraid to try things, either. Except Tunisian. Haven't gotten up that much nerve yet.

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Hi  and Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

You have some more rain coming.  It has hit us first and is working it's way North.

This is a great place to learn.  Lots of people willing to help.

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Thanks, Tampa Doll and Villager.

I used to live in the Florida Panhandle (and a few other places). Lots of things I miss, the heat I don't. :)

Don't worry. There will be photos. I have a specific issue that I'm wrestling with. :)

Now I have to go back to work--another project came in, but I'll be searching for my missing crochet hook after 6pm.



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