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Pattern Re-Creation Help


I’ve been asked to recreate a baby blanket made 22 years ago as a college graduation gift. I have photos of the original and have seen it in person, but am having trouble figuring out the “horizontal” part of the pattern. It looks to me like two double crochets (regular, vertical stitches), followed by what looks like two horizontal double crochets??? I tried the following:

Row 1: DC across

Row 2: (slip st in 2, ch 2) across

Row 3: (DC in 2, ch 2) across

I really thought this would do it! But there was too much space in between the two rows of chains - they look as though they really sit right next to each other in the original...

What else should I try?? Any thoughts are appreciated!!

(The piece is quite stretched out in photos 2 and 3)





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It's the same stitch as the corner to corner, except worked in rows not diagonally, and has 2 DCs not 3.  Well that's not confusing, ha!

AKA Brick stitch, Crazy Stitch, and other names that aren't coming to mind.

Here's a tutorial that is worked in rows, but has 4 DChttps://www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-crazy-stitch-in-crochet-4061423

One with 3 DC https://freevintagecrochet.com/how-to-crochet/brick-stitch

I couldn't find a 2 DC variation--maybe you could work it out from swatching the 3 DC version?


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