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I'm a 29 year old Dad of 3.  My wife and I have 3 boys ages 5, 4, and 2.  I also happen to have obsessive compulsive disorder, and typical meditation doesn't work for me.  My mind wanders.  I've found crochet to be the right combination of focused relaxation.  So far I've made a couple of hats and a granny square.  Would like to do an afghan, but I keep losing stitches.  I'm being stubborn and have refused to mark stitches.  Unless I'm going to keep undoing work, I'll have to give in...

I love seeing the works of art!  It's nostalgic.  My mom crocheted when I was a child, so I think that helps with the relaxation.  Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome to the 'ville.  I too find crocheting to be  very therapeutic.  I mostly like to crochet small projects like hotpads and scarves.  I tend to make granny squares and put them together join as you go on the last rounds.  I have learned the hard way  I must count stitches at the end of every row or else I will be sorry.  I have made a couple of granny stripe afghans and which havent required as much counting because its visually obvious.  The hardest part has been getting the right number of starting chains and I get around that by making xtra chains and then undoing the ones I didnt use.

Here is the link to the pattern I used.


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Hi  and Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

When I feel stress or uptight, crochet helps me.  Doing large projects, I hate to say, most of the time, requires you to count stitches.  I have made a few graph ghans and if I do not count, I am ripping it out.  Like bgs, grannie squares are a small, but fun project to put together in an afghan.  There are so many squares out there, that you can make a beautiful afghan.


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