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granny squares work and chat friends 2020 new thread

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I keep myself very busy! Here's a grey basket I crocheted. I turned around and made a black one. Now onto a two tone purple one for daughter. I made a bunch of the smaller ones and washcloths to

Good Morning.  Very cool things you made for your niece. You all have probably seen this, but thought you could use a laugh.  

oh good they posted today lol  i made these from six wide band bracelets the other day  i will never wear them so lol  why not!! 

Posted Images

Guess the thread is now lost in the depths of cyberhell along with all those missing posts.

I just dont know about this place.  Last week there were two days I got error codes when uploading photos.  Yesterday I was getting a message about streaming saying things might not load.  Then there are those that cant log in.

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So, how does one know who is collecting squares at the moment? 

It was 80 degrees and sunny and it’s about to be 65 and rain. Ah. Kansas. My eyes are itching and stuff with allergies but I will not let it defeat me!

Picture for posterity of the new thread.


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Love the mermaid.

I have the list of Birthday's, but not who is collecting.  I was going to add that this morning.

The black hole has swallowed another thread.

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i emailed those i had addys for or some of you i found on a different thread and emailed them  i also emailed owlvamp for either her list of emails or to work off that to notify all     

ive done what i can people, im sorry this had to happen  i got one notice while making the new thread that said ville update completed   i dunno  i didn't find it anywhere, not even in archives  i struggled a long time yesterday first trying to get or find out where it went second, well when that yielded no help i just created a new one    i wanted to use the same title, but couldn't exactly remember it lol so i just winged it  if you all know it, and want it back please let me know otherwise, this will have to suffice  i have it on my favs si i just click on it or used to and dont bother with the name so that is why i didn't remember it that and im blond lol  


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i dont know koala i dont have that list anymore if some one else willpost it here i too would appreciate it thank you  i will check my mail i might have it in there somewhere lol  

cute stuffies!! my goodness you did a great job on them!!

yep bgs i too was trying to post a pic and the whole darn thread just vanished  lol  i just dunno, but so glad to see most of us have made it anyway or at least some of us lol  have not seen owlvamp, or funny mom. or lea. or mini or well some of the ones i didn't mail mostly,   maybe owlvamp will read her mail soon lol  


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Here is the list I have.  I do not know who is collecting, but maybe you can ask them, when it gets close.












Pisces crochter   













Avon   Lady        








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Katy I can tell from my browsing history that the name of the missing thread was

Granny Squares and Chatty Friends 2019

I think as long as people see Granny Squares they will figure it out.

Lyn I saw your post about working on those last 10 nests before the thread disappeared. My problem has always been getting my hook into the stitch because it was so tight and making it back out with all three strands.

Mary Jo I checked and was sorry to see your hockey team is out.  I dont like it when the Chiefs look too good to be true or when they are the odds maker heavy favorites.

Today we spent 4 hours at the place I would prefer to move to when we move.  Its been my dream place to move to ever since they built it like 45 years ago.  Guess we will see how things work out.  We looked at some places and we really liked one enough that we signed up to be notified if the people back out on it.   

Yesterday dh ONCE AGAIN buried the lawn tractor in mud and we had to wench and push it out accompanied by basically a childish temper tantrum and its my fault cause we havent moved.  

On a positive we now have the documentation to prove that they did screw up their paperwork for dh's retirement.  Our lawyer says they made a horrible mistake and its a shame it has to go thru court to have them fix it.  And I guess there is a chance the judge still might not rule in our favor.

And the phone is ringing off the wall with medicare vultures after dh.  My policy is to treat all phone calls as scams. 


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some times the yarn mis-behaves and all three strands don't get caught in the stitch,I purposely hold my hook tight to the thread,because again they are saying some of the birds are getting injured by loose floppy stitches,so at least I'll know its not from the batch I've made

hope things settle down out your way,my brother in law in Germany acts that way

we will be coming up on break soon,he'll have Fridays off till Aug.,so a four day work week,before he used to complain,now he says he is looking forward  to having Fridays off oh oh

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Sandra glad you found the new thread.

Brenda,  I sure don't know who that was that played those 4 games, but it sure as heck was not the Lightning.  They usually play like that in January.  Oh well, as we are use to saying, maybe next year.

Just got back from the grocery store and yep, still forgot a couple of things.  I swear if my head was not screwed on, I would forget that.

Amazing how the government can screw up big time and they want to take over my health insurance?  I do not think so.  I will keep my figures crossed for you. Oh wait till you get the calls for back and knee pain.  They are fun.

It is better to take your time, then to move and not like it.

Have a fun day and if I do not get on for awhile Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

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Mary Jo we are too used to shaking our heads and saying maybe next year.  If we can afford it this would be the place I really want to move to.  It would be a matter of selecting an available unit.  I liked units we looked at yesterday but might have to go with a smaller cheaper one.  They have all kinds of units from studio apartments to houses.  We looked at 4 plexes yesterday 2 with garages one without.   I have so much stuff to get rid of I dont know where to start. The campus is across from a mall with Target, Lowe's, Michael's, Kohls and more.  Its close to my sisters and niece.  They have free transportation to the mall, Aldi, nearby major hospital /drs building.  They have another transport service that you would pay for if you need it to other places.  The campus has restaurants.  Part of your monthly fee are food credits at them.  I have not seen the new aquatic center.  If we make it in its guaranteed home for life.   Basically I look at it like we really only need a place to sleep at night because you can roam the whole campus.  


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hi all oh bgs that sounds a delicious place to live lol   sorry about dh and his tantrum he is just frustrated  but hope the gov works things out in your favor 

hi sandra, glad to see you here!! thanks for emailing whom you can!! 

I dont know how ro reach mini or carole and cshort i may have her info somewhere too    

Another day of sunshine and mild nice weather!! I could get used to this lol!!

Got one bag packed up for sal army on the second of may and im sure ill have more to go   lol  

oh decided to get rid of my singer sewing machine as i really dont use it much  my daughter might want it , ill ask first  it has everything with it extra bobbins and needles, threads and even a pair of snippers lol including a bottle of sewing machine oil, and the original instructions books too  if she decides she wants it she has till the morn of the 2nd lol  then it will probably go lol     

i haven't used it for years but everything is good, and runs fine, its a singer,

so it should lol   

and i asked daughter too about my handycam, and tripod, and with everyone using phones for pics and videos, she said even to try to sell it would probably not sell quickly and it it does go it would be to a collector of stuff like that  so, that is probably going too   those are the bigger things the rest will be clothing, some linens, and knick knacks i guess   

well all for now see ya soon!!  





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