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Size 30 Thread substitute

Tampa Doll

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I have a pattern that calls for size 30 thread.  I do not want to go out and buy or actually buy on line size 30 thread when I will only use it this once.

Is there something else I can use, like maybe 2 or 3 of sewing thread?

I hope someone can give me an idea of what can be used in place of the size 30 thread.  I would rather not use embroidery thread, but if I have to, I will.

Please help I need it for the flowers in this pattern.

Angels Around The World  It is the middle one on the second page.  Green with pink flowers.


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Nuts, I thought I wrote this down somewhere, and I did, but it was strands of embroidery floss to crochet thread.  Which might be close enough?  Here's my notes

7-8 strands of floss = #3 thread

6 strands = # 5 thread

4-5 strands = #10 thread

3 strands = #20 thread

2 strands = #30-50 thread

1 strand = #100 thread

Edit--Oh!  I just remembered...I had some ancient #30 thread in white and variegated yellow and made a white doily that had yellow Irish roses around the edge...stupidly not thinking ahead that I'd need #30 green for leaves on the last row. I played around with sewing thread and 2 strands worked fairly well size wise, which fits in with the above chart.  


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I used "heavy duty" sewing thread in a pinch once for size 30 crochet thread. Turned out pretty good.

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Thank you both. 

I should write this down and keep it handy.  I so rarely use thread under size 10, but I always, even thought I hate to sew, have sewing thread.

I will go thru my embroidery thread and sewing thread.

Keep your fingers crossed. 

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