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Question on an Instruction


Instruction questions:

1.  R1:  12 chain, slip stitch in 1st chain.  
My question:  does the slip knot count as the 1st chain?  Or do they mean 1st chain after the slip knot?

2.  R4:  2 chain, 2 single crochet (in next 2 chain loop)
in 3rd chain loop:  (1 sc, 3 ch, 1sc)
(3 ch, 1 sc)
(3 ch, 1 sc)

So, my question is about the repetition:  do I always do 2 2-chain loops and then a 3-chain loop, and then 2 2-chain loop or
After the first set of 2 chain 2sc of 2 loops, do I alternate as (1) 3-chain, (1) 2-chain, (1) 3-chain, (1) 2-chain loops?

3.  I also have a bunch of questions regarding joining, but I'll ask those when I get there.


Here's a link to the youtube tutorial for your reference:  

Thank You All!

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To clarify terms - the slip KNOT is how you make the initial loop on the hook, and never counts as a stitch.  

When you have just the initial slip knot and first loop around the hook, then make 1 chain, the loop that WAS on the hook becomes the first chain, and the loop you just pulled through is now on the hook.  The loop on the hook will become part of the next stitch until you finish off at the very end, and will never be something you need to count as a stitch in your pattern.

The slip stitch to join the round doesn't count as a stitch by itself, it will end up being the base for what comes next.

For the rest of it...I only watched to part way thru round 3  but I noticed it gives you the written directions for the round at the same time she's working it.  For round 3 (and possibly other rounds) , it looks like the directions are given in stages (in other words, the complete written instructions for round 3 aren't shown all at once).  I strongly suggest watching the video from beginning to end, stopping it when a new written instruction pops up and writing the instruction down.  This will probably answer the rest of your questions.  Also, you'd probably not need to look at the video again, unless something you wrote down didn't make sense to you (like possibly the joining, which can be a little mind bending the first time you do it).

The joining is done in the last round.  At about 12:30 into the video (I skimmed ahead) she's showing a lot of motifs joined, and as she's working on the last round of the current motif she's attaching it to the fabric already joined together.  So for you just starting, you'll make motif #1 complete, since there's nothing to join it to yet.  For motif #2, you will be joining 1 side to motif #1 as you complete the last round of round 2 (by working on motif 2 for a bit, then 'reaching over' to join to Motif #1 in a specific spot, then reaching back to Motif 2 and working a bit, and so on.  As you progress you will be joining a varying number of sides together in this way.



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