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Posting an entire pattern is against forum guidelines, not to mention US copyright laws and can get the forum owners in legal trouble, so you should take down your graphic.  This was posted on a Russian site (.ru), as I understand it Russia has no or few copyright restrictions.

Which, was not clear enough scan to read anyway if you had a specific question on a particular spot.  In case you want to try to guess-interpret the out of focus symbols, these sites may help - these are US terms






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I'm guessing it's the symbol that sort of looks like...a computer mouse?  Or bug?

A trick that works a lot of times when you're stuck is to look at the photo of the finished object.  It looks like popcorn stitches are a reasonable possibility, and the symbol sort of resembles the diagram for that stitch (scroll down)

Some non-US patterns use symbols that are close to US, but not quite.  Example I've seen | for US DC [evident when you compare symbol to photo], when the US symbol looks like T with a second cross hatch in the middle of the vertical line.

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