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Hi and welcome to the 'ville!

The shawl starts at the center back top, and spreads from that center spine.  Triangles are long in the back by their nature; other shawl pattern schemes that aren't triangles, and are shorter in the back already exist, so the most sensible 'modification' is to find another pattern pattern for the body but keep the ruffle because I suspect the ruffles are what drew your eye to the pattern. 

Since you are a Ravelry member, search on 'crescent shawl' patterns - there are a bunch of likely prospects.  

Example, https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/slice-of-nice-shawl, has similar to-the-elbows coverage as your pattern, same weight yarn, free pattern; just swap it's sawtooth edging with the double ruffles.  Other likely non pointy prospects:




Keep in mind that those ruffles are going to take a LOT of yarn, so keep in mind the yardage requirement of the original pattern, and maybe round up a little just to be safe.

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Thank you so much. Your comments are so insightful. Yes, it was the ruffles that drew me to this shawl but I'll take your advice and go with a Crescent shawl since those are not so long at the back. There are so many nice patterns, I just can't decide on which one. I have an ombre yarn that I would like to use so it will have to be a pattern that works the rows top down. I think I'm good from here. Thank you once again.

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