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Depending on the volume you need as well as materials, there are a few common ways to go about this:


1) Frogging & Upcycling: Second Hand Source

This has been done by different communities, where people would go to thrift shops and pick out well loved sweaters, blankets, and other items that are from similar materials/gauge yarn, frog them (rip and unravel them), and create a new piece of work for upcycling.


2) Wholesale Yarn Distributors

Many of your local yarn shops would source yarn from distributors. This would be for example, places like Spin Rite Yarn or Diamond Yarns (in Canada). If you are planning on making many afghans or items eg. For selling, you may consider this option. These disreibutors often carry specific sets of yarn brands and their different line of products. While some of these are strictly dealing with shops, you may contact them and ask if they would sell to individuals. Most of these places however, would require a minimum order of eg. A couple hundred dollars each time, or a certain total spending amount per year. However, when broken down the cost of each skein, it would still be cheaper than buying from a handicrafts store. 


3) Factory Direct & International Orders

This usually involves in website like AliExpress or DH gate (overseas) or even local Factory/Warehouse yarn places. Yarn Paradise (ICE Yarn) from Turkey also offers cheap skeins. They may have cones of yarn for sale and sometimes sale like end of the season/product sales that you can pick up. If brand doesn't matter all, you can just look up Factory or Warehouse Yarn sale online. 

4) Odds and Ends/Closeout

Online yarn shops may also offer good quality yarn at a discounted price. If you are making quilt style ones, this may be the way to go. Online shops including good quality ones like Knitpicks or Webs (yarn.com) may offer seasonal products or colours that are being discontinued. Sometimes you can get some high quality ones for fairly inexpensive cost.


5) Yarn by the Bag/Yarn by the Cone

If you do a search online for these, or even talk to your nearby shops asking about yarn by the bag/cones, you may receive a discount based on large volume purchase. 

Hope it helps, and I'm certain others may think of some great ideas as well. 


Cheers ♥️




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