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Changing Gauge in patterns questions


Hi.😀 I was wondering if this is true which i hope that it isn't. 🙁In one of verypink knits videos she says that you cannot change a gauge in patterns such as for hats,mittens,and sweaters?

The link is here for the video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFMch0eAhn0

I have always thought that some people said online that a person could.:cry

I am sooo very disappointed about it .😞

What do you think?

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I agree with the video 100%.  I was nodding along with every tip, thinking 'been there, encountered all that and learned to fix it the hard way'.

I don't think I've ever hit gauge exactly...well rarely maybe.  BUT I know how to deal with variations, like she suggests, and to understand which situations when 'close is good enough' and when it isn't.  It always involves math, unfortunately.  

Example, a pullover sweater; I don't have a model's figure so I don't like them form fitting, and I know what measurement range is comfortable for me.  If I don't hit gauge, but like the fabric I make with my sort-of-close gauge, I calculate the width of 1 stitch of my gauge, and multiply it by the number of stitches at the bust for the size above or below what should have been 'my' size depending on whether my swatch was too loose or tight.  If a medium 'should' have fit me, but my gauge was tight, I'll multiply my too-small gauge x the number of stitches for the pattern's large size and see if that will work for me, if so I'll follow the directions for the large and get a close-enough-medium.  Most (pullover) patterns seem to have 4" between finished sizes, so there's quite a bit of leeway for fit.

I usually don't worry about vertical gauge, not all but most patterns you can just add or subtract rows.  

In a pattern like the last hat we last chatted about about, which had a 20 stitch pattern repeat...and you can't hit gauge,...you might have to do more calculations and swatches to see what will work, and also take the 'stretch factor' into account.  The nearest 'size' would be plus or minus 20 stitches, which is a bigger percentage of a hat than a pullover sweater.  And modifying an even smaller glove could be even trickier.

Also, knit hats...do the math, regardless.  I found (the hard way, on my first knit hat) that a LOT of knit hats were designed really small (expected like 30% stretch, and I prefer little or no stretch), so do the match for stitches x width of 1 stitch to see if the number of stitches around for the hat makes sense for the fit you need. 


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