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CrazyHands Winter knit hat c4b questions

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HI.😀 I am having a hard time on trying to do this rnd 7 start of the c4b and everytime i try to put the 4 sts on the cable and using  my 5  dp needle with nothing on it and knit the 4 sts on the left needle i get a line vertical that i know its not right.


the link is here https://crazyhands.net/winter-cable-knit-hat/

It looks like to me that in the photos she doesn't use the empty fifth   dpn when she does the c4b she uses one of the other ones?

The photos of her doing the c4b is getting me confused i cant understand what she does in them?🙁

can anyone try to break it down for me(the pictures)so that i can understand?;)

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Hello there!

I  haven't done much knit cabling; maybe I need more experience for it to be 'fun', but since it's not fun I avoid cables...viscous  circle.  My tension is a little tight, and twisting the cables makes them even tighter, so it's hard on my hands (and cable needles - I bought a set of several plastic ones, and have broken all but the thickest one due to the twisting tightness).  I understand the concept, tho.  I find crochet cables easier, I think because you are just shoving yarn around to make the twist;  the needles make it fiddlier and more effort-exerting.

The left pic shows no stitches having been knit yet on the cable.  The sort of U shaped metal needle is holding the 4 stitches.

What is not shown is the next step, which is pushing that metal needle to the back, stretching past it (and the stitches on it) , and knitting the next 4 stitches on the left needle.  So those 4 stitches on the holder are still un-done, hanging in the back.

The second (right) pic is confusing.  What the pattern says is to knit the stitches off of the gold stitch holder/cable needle.  What it appears to be showing is those stitches having been slipped off the cable needle onto the left needle, ready to be knitted.  This is not a wrong way to do it (and maybe I wouldn't have broken those cable needles if I'd done it this way, hmm), but it doesn't match the words in the explanation.

Another way to look at it, as far as the stitch order. Originally, reading right to left, if you were knitting normally (not cabling), the order of stitches made would be  8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  But in the cable, the order would be  4-3-2-1-8-7-6-5 -- still reading right to left, so what was originally the 5th stitch is now the first that you will knit, and the 4th stitch would be the last.

C4F is identical - the only difference is that you hold 4 stitches in the front instead of the back.  The order is the same.

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Not sure what you meant by 5th needle-5th pic?.  Numbering the pics on your second link, in the positions they are in on the page to keep them straight:

1-finished hat and ball of yarn............2-left needle holding 4 stitches (not part of cable), cbl needle with 4 stitches, right needle (no stitches knit on cable yet)

3.-see below..........................................4-see below


3 same as 2 except the 4 stitches on purple cable needle have been pushed to the back and skipped, and next 4 stitches on left needle have been knitted

4 this is the part that is 'tight' and tough on my hands.  The cable needle is shoved hard to the left, and the stitches have been knit off of it, onto the right needle--you can see 12 stitches on the right needle - the right 4 are the plain stitches at the edge, the next 4 are the 4 that were originally beyond the ones placed on the cable needle, the leftmost 4 are the ones knit from the cable needle.

It's identical to what I described in my earlier post, except I was describing only the total of 8 stitches comprising the cable.  This set of pics shows the same thing, except the very first 4 stitches in the row are not part of the cable.  

So the first 4 stitches of the row are knit as usual, nothing to do with the cable.  The second 4 stitches are put on a cable needle/holder and pushed to the back.  The third set of 4 stitches are knit.  Then the 'original second set' of stitches are knit from the cable needle.

As before, the only difference between c4b and c4f is for b the cable needle is held to the back, for f in front.  

Have you tried looking for videos?  It might help to see it done.

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