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Instant Pot Cover


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I have joined the Instant Pot Craze..

I have a 6 QT Duo and when I keep it stored on my new stand it will get dusty as I don't use my pot daily or even weekly....

So I went in search for a quick simple cover :O) Granny Instant Pot Cover...This pattern whipped up pretty quickly.

Changes I made to fit mine...

Opted for Red Heart Super Saver Stripes (Neon)

12 rows for the top circle = used an I hook should have used J hook due to me crocheting a little tight..I forgot....

30 rows for the bottom portion but went up a J hook as it was too snug....after I completed about 10 rows LOL...Ripped it out and changed hooks...

I also opted for no ruffles on the bottom




2019_Colorful Instant Pot Cover_mini size.jpg


2019_Instant Pot Stand.jpg

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Great idea! Looks good too.  I use my Instapot several times a week, so, a dust cover would likely just lay to the side here. But... I've said for a long time I should make one for my Kitchen Aide stand mixer. It doesn't get used near as much as it used to. Hmmm- maybe after I finish the afghan I recently started.

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