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Needing help with a Crochet Pattern!

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I am very new to crocheting so I am probably getting mixed up with the pattern - hopefully someone can help!

I started with a magic ring and am now just about to start round 5. I currently have 36 stitches and should have 48 at the end of round 5 which goes like this:

Round 5: *1 sc (UK dc), 1 ch, 1 sc (UK dc) in first ch sp, 1 ch, (1 sc (UK dc), 1 ch in next ch sp) twice* 8 times (48sts).

I am confused as to how I end up with 48sts as I'm adding a stitch every time I make a ch stitch? Im hoping I'm completely wrong and someone can enlighten me! I've tried this round about 10 times already and had to pull it out. 




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