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Please list your wish list here.  No more than 10 items.  Once you receive an item, you can "edit" your wish list.

I need from you in an email (Ladysorce at yahoo dot com) or in a PM...

C'Ville name

email address

Ravelry ID

Street Address


PLEASE be sure that you have been a member of Crochetville for at least 30 days and have a little more than 30 posts before you post a wish list.  Sorry.  This has always been in the rules.


Have FUN and remember to look at other's Wish Lists as well. 

Your little balls of yarns might be toys for pets!!



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I'll start.  I love seeing the wish lists and seeing what wishes I can answer and what wishes others answer.

Ravelry ID: Bailey4

1.  Holiday Dishcloths and Potholders we use them they aren't just decorative Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Patriotic any and all are welcome and will get use

2. Doll blankets choose any pattern from machine washable yarn 20" X20" will cover any of the dolls for doll donation project.  Granny squares in that size work just fine.  They don't need to be complicated.  I just try to make sure all the dolls have a blanket and last year with the generous donations of Crochetville extra blankets made sure no doll left without a blanket.

3. I could use crochet/knit/sewn bags with a front pocket for diaper bags for the baby doll donations I fill them with various items for the baby dolls.  I've already started making items to put in the baby doll bags.

4. Holiday Cards Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter.  I just like getting cards for the holidays.  It's nice to get some fun mail.

5. Buttons and snaps for doll clothes.  All types of buttons appreciated the colors and shapes work for closures and decorations on the doll clothes.  I use various size snaps so again all appreciated.

6. 18" Doll Princess Dress

7. Log Cabin Carrier

8. Crochet Dragon and Knight Thank you NJ FGM!!!!

9. Little Miss Ferdi

10.Ruffled Alpaca



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Bzybee on Ravelry
My favorite color is blue.  I seem to be drawn to pumpkins, snowpeople, bees, gnomes, cardinals, and hummingbirds
1. Mail me a card, any type (holiday, birthday is June 3, postcard from your travels or from where you live). Its even better if you add a note.  I cant begin to tell you how much they brighten my day.
2. Garden flags (12 x 18 inches) any holiday, any season, pretty much anything.  I have two poles and they are changed out each month.
3. Small things to sit on window ledges, shelves, hang from window latches, door knobs, or curtain rods.  I change them out for seasons and holidays.
6.Thank you IN FGM
8. Thank you IN FGM




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This has always been fun and I will add as I go along.

1.Thank you FGM in MO & MS for Pot holders, especially the thick double ones.  I have a tendency to burn them.

2. Anything made by my fellow Crocheter's.

3. An ornament for my tree.  Anything but, Christmas or 4th of July.  I keep my tree up all year.


I will add as I look around.

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I just emailed my info to Ladysorce....


I haven't done this in a while...Here's what I've come up with:

1- scrap balls of acrylic yarn (I use them to make patchwork looking ghans.)Thank you, FGM in FL! Will be used for NICU and other projects!

2- any bright colors of yarn in either baby weight or sport weight to make NICU hats or blankets.TY, MO FGM for the bright Manadala yarn💞

3- I make white christening baby blankets for my church, and any easy pattern (I get bored easily)  and/or white yarn is      welcome.TY Fl FGM....the shawl patterns will make elegant Christening shawls❤️ 

4- I also work with thread sometimes, so if you've made a free doily pattern you liked, that would be something fun!

5- I haven't made one yet, but since my German shepherd doesn't like real cats, I will be eventually making myself a stuffed one...an easy pattern, since I haven't made a stuffy in AGES! TY, again, FL FGM - that cat pattern does look like something even I can make ;)


That's about it - my life these days! Thanks for looking!

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Hi   I am going to put my wish list in for 2019

1.  Anything made by my Crochetville friends.  I love to receive handmade items.

2.  Cards for holidays or just to say hi.  Receiving something in the mail that isn't a bill or junk mail makes my day

3.  I make baby blankets for the NICU at St. Mary's Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa.  I joined the crafters at the hospital and try to take the blankets to the hospital now once a month when they have their meetings. If you would like to help me out I would appreciate it.


This is all I can think of right now but I am sure I will think of something later


Thank you!

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removed my wishlist from Annies
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My favorite colors are purple and blue. I love birds and raccoons.

1. Mail me a card/postcard for a holiday or no reason. It's always fun to hear from y'all.

2. Holiday dishcloths except not Christmas ones. Or a pretty one for everyday.

3. Tell me about your favorite free pattern for lapghans or shawls. I am making some for the local nursing home.

4. I collect old marbles if you have some that need a home.


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ok i found it lol

im glad too its back i am always referring to this list for goodies to send  

i guess i will list what i can 

1.  if you want to make a hat or a scarf (warm winter weight) for my favorite charity i will send it off with my things to them or keep them for next years donations to them or if you prefer i could send out the address to you and you could mail them something with me in mind  

2. now that i drink coffee now and then, i would love to try some new tasty teas too 

3. any thing sugar free, as it hard to find much here in the way of candy or cookies or even crackers  i like werthers originals and stovers sugar free anything lol   

4 I use clover hooks pretty  exclusively for crochet , mostly the upper ones from g to k so anyone of those as im always losing or misplacing the one I need lol

5  I guess i should list a fold up or roll up or hard case for the hooks huh   lol  

6 notions such as yarn needles, stitch markers , and other little help full things

7 last but not least send me a note about you, or anything you make, or a hello card or postcard and show me your city!!  

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1. Yarn any colors.

2.  Notebook to write patterns in.

3.   Any used colored  pencils .

4.   I love to make biscuits. So, some biscuit cutters.

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