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Adjusting pattern for different yarn?


Hi there! I have a very large dog and it is impossible to find sweaters in his size, so I decided to crochet him one! I have found a couple of patterns I like, but the yarn size in them is 5mm, and I would like to use a 25mm yarn for it instead. How would I adjust the pattern for a much bigger yarn and still be sure it fits him? This is the pattern in question: Dog sweater pattern

His chest measurement is roughly 32", so I already know I'll have to increase the size even more for him than the pattern states for their XL size. In addition to sizing this for a bigger yarn, could someone explain how to adjust it for his larger size? I've only ever followed patterns to the T before, so I don't really have any experience modifying them! Thanks in advance for your help, here's a picture of my fur baby for your trouble :)


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I think you mean 5mm and 25mm hook, not yarn.  Which is ginormous 25 mm is about 1", and would require super bulky yarn, which is expensive (there's way less yardage on a skein), usually loosely spun; with that huge of a hook it would be really holey, even with super bulky, and I wouldn't think it would hold up well for a pet coat, not to mention wouldn't be very warm (holey). Each stitch is going to be close to 1" across, this is...extreme.   

I strongly suggest you find another pattern, one with a schematic, since you need to modify this pretty drastically. It would be easier to modify if you knew the shape/outline, measured your dog, re-entered the inches in the schematic to your dog's measurements in critical areas of the schematic, did a swatch, and recalculated the number of stitches you'd need to make across the shape of the schematic to fit your pup 🐕

I'm also looking a little side-eyed at this pattern, the gauge given is odd.  The pattern stitch is sc, dc, repeat (I learned this as up-down stitch, it has other names), the gauge says '7 sps =4".  Sps makes no sense, I'm going to assume it's the 2 stitch pattern repeat, so 14 stitches =4", 4 divided by 14 is .286" width for 1 stitch.  This is irrelevant in detail, I'm just giving you the process to figure out your gauge with your yarn and hook of choice, so you can modify something to get it the size you want.  You need to know how wide 1 stitch is to do this.  (Lots of math & swatching in crochet tweaking, sorry).

Here is a pattern that goes to 28", a little bit closer to 32" than the other pattern, and it has a schematic. https://www.lionbrand.com/crochet-pattern-asta-dog-sweater.html?noImages=;ss=  It is a free pattern from Lion Brand yarn, but you have to create a logon - download button is the yellowish-green one near the top.  It calls for a bulky yarn (Lion Brand Scarfie) and J hook.  You don't have to use that very yarn you could use (example) Red Heart Super Saver, which is worsted weight, which would also work with a J hook, figure out your stitch gauge with that yarn and hook combo, and then figure how many stitches you'd need to get the measurements of the schematic.

Example - I'm going to use my gauge with RHSS and a J hook. (pauses to swatch) That's interesting, the pattern gauge with bulky and J hook is 12 stitches per 4", mine is 11 stitches.  Which means I'm making BIGGER stitches with the same hook and smaller yarn.  So, you might be able to use this pattern with a US#4 'medium/worsted weight' and just tweak the stitch count a bit to follow that schematic, with bigger measurements for your bigger dog.

4 inches divided by 11 stitches is .36 of an inch per stitch.  Now, look at the schematic - across the neck is 12", which is supposed to 'fit' a dog with a 28" chest.   I don't know if 4" difference in chest measurement of your dog, and the pattern's biggest dog, equates to 4" at the neck, but let's say it does.  12+4 is 16".  16 inches, divided by my gauge of .36"per stitch, is 44 stitches around the neck, so you'd probably want to make the ribbing 44 rows, and then turn and made 1 stitch into the side of each ribbing row, and on from there.  (Obviously, don't go by my guesses, I'm just illustrating the process).

Now your gauge isn't my gauge, so you're going to have to to some swatching and recalculating.  What I'd do is: (1) measure your dog (2) get some newspaper, tissue paper, whatever and make a cut-out that matches the shape of the pattern schematic, but bigger where you think it would be appropriate to match your dog, and put that paper pattern on your dog.  Decide if it needs tweaking and and either trim or add paper (or notes, '2" more here' or whatever to the paper pattern.  Then, work with your gauge to make a piece, and straps, to match the paper pattern and your dog.

This is verbose, and sounds complicated, but really isn't.  BTW, you could use that 'up down' stitch pattern if you want (except for the ribbing, and I might go with SC for the straps if you think they should be sturdier) if you'll be following a size and shape template, it's a nice textured stitch.





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