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Advice on border

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Hello All,

I was hopeing to get some design advice from those with more experience than I have.

I had a bunch of 2 colors of purple left over from another project that I did not know what to do with.  About enough to make a half of a lap-ghan.  So, since purple is my wife's favorite color, I bought some white and made her a lap-ghan with the purple and white.  I really was not thinking about the border at the time.  Now I'm kinda in a pickle on how to do the border.  The ghan is a chevron style that I put together from learning about chevrons and other ghans I have made, so, no published pattern.  This is what I did.

Started with dark purple for 3 double crochet rows.  (Plus starter chain of course)

2 rows of light purple

5 rows of white

2 rows light purple

Then back to 3 rows of dark purple.

DP,LP,W,LP,DP,LP,W... etc.

I just repeated this pattern to length and planned on finishing with dark pirple.

Actual stitch pattern is

2 dc, skip next stitch, *11 dc, 3 dc in next stitch, 11 dc, skip next 2 stitches*  repeated *'s 5 more times for a total of 6 peaks.  Skip next stitch, 2 dc, chain 3 and turn.

So, my wife would like the dark purple as the border.  My question then is, how do I do this since I started the ghan with dark purple.  Should I,

1.  Turn to the other side of the ghan, tie in and do a series of rows on the opposite side to bring it to light purple.  Then do 3 border rotations of dc's?  Will this stick out like a sore thumb?

2.  Just tie in to a corner and do 3 rows of dc's on the 3 remaining sides?  What would I do with end edge with I have the side of 3 dc's?

3.  Finish the bottom with 3 dark purple dc's to finish the current pattern and only border the sides in some way?

4.  Something better that I have not thought of.  Lol

I can take a pic and attach if it will help visualizing it.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.


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I am one that thinks that chevrons don't need borders,  Part of the reason is...not just chevrons, but stripes or any stitching into the side of a row in color A, with color B, looks irregular/messy compared with stitching into the top (or bottom) of color A, with B.  Also, it spoils the shape; you have a nice ^^^^^^^^^ going on, and then you add a border and get ---^^^^^^^^^---  I'm in the 'will stick out like a sore thumb' / 'often borders detract rather than enhance' crowd.

It sounds like you haven't finished it, but do agree that it should end as it began with the 3 rows of dark purple.

Here some ideas to adapt to turn the outline to a rectangle, but you'd still have the edge thing goin on.  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rich-kids-chevron-blanket  Or,a youtube that shows a sc version with a deeper ripple.

Oops, Hi Reni, pushing the button at the same time as you again!  I rather like the fringe one, could incorporate all the colors perhaps.





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Much better things to drool over on this site than me using up my purple.  Lol.  Here is where I'm at so far.  Going to do another rotation, sew in my 70 some odd ends, then decide what I'm going to do.


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