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University of Kentucky afghan

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Here is a free program that will turn a pic into a graph.  For crochet, you will want to chose 1:1 stitch proportion (the default), then choose the size of the grids (how many stitches across the image will be).

You are going to end up with a bit of a blur of the pixels between the 2 colors that you will have to clean up; fortunately the logo is pretty much straight lines so it should be an easy decision for which pale blue pixels bordering the white and dark blue should be white, or dark blue.

Before running your image thru the program, you'll also want to make a gauge swatch with your preferred yarn and hook, decide how you big want your blanket, and center the pixelated image in your blanket.  The graph may not cover all the stitches you'll need for the width you want, and you'll have to figure how many plain border stitches to add to each side (and top and bottom).

Example, make a gauge swatch, say 20 stitches wide and several rows across.  Measure the width of the swatch, divide by 20 -  this gives you the measurement of 1 stitch.  Take into account fractions of an inch, a tiny fraction can skew things across a big blanket; actually I'm in the US but prefer to measure in metric when crafting, much easier to do the math working with millimeters versus 'seven sixteenths of an inch' or whatever.  Let's say you end up with 1 stitch being 0.222" wide.  Let's say you run it thru the program and use the largest size, which is 120 pixels across.  120 x .222" is 26.67" wide.  If you want it wider, you'll have to start with a new swatch with a bigger hook and recalculate, or figure out how many stitches, at .222" each, you will need to add total, divide by 2 and add that many plain stitches to each side.  Same thing for the height, calculate the stitch height measurement and so on to figure how many rows to add top and bottom.

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