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That's cool, I like the sparkly spidery thread.

I can't really tell if the black thread is just thread, or has stitches like a crocheted chain or embroidery.  I'd guess it was embroidered on with needle and thread  (and I think that's how I'd do it).  If the curved web lines weren't so perfect looking, I'd guess maybe it was made with really big stitches, which would be possible for the straight lines but the curved ones would move around; but it's still a possibility. 

It's not crocheted surface slip stitch embroidery; that's quick and easy when the base crocheted 'cloth' and the yarn, and the hook, are all the same, but wouldn't work here (1 embroidery stitch would span 1 sc because you work into the gaps between stitches ).

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I'm confused. I started to chain 8 and secure it with a slip stitch, that seemed to look good, but I goofed on the web placement and had to remove it all. I'm not sure if the web goes all the way down to the border at the bottom of the hat, in the back or if it just stops mid way. Ive never tried to free-hand a spiderweb , in my life😔

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