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Cathy Rose


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Please help me.  I have beencrocheting for years but being a mother made me put all my energies on my kids.  Now that they are grown I have taken it up again.  I am having problems.  As long as I use a single crochet everythingcomes out okay, an example a blanket.  I am now trying to make a scarf for my eldest granddaughter and one side is even but the other side is not.  It looks like I am missing a stitch but I am doing both sides the same.  Help, what am I doing wrong!

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Hi, welcome to the 'ville!  No biggie, but this 'board help' section is meant for things like "I'm having technical difficulties with the forum software" (can't post a picture, whatever).  There's a different section for crochet help, and more people would look there for help (searching old posts perhaps), also more members would look there to see if they can lend a hand.  

What stitch are you using?  I'm going to guess you are working in DC.  The main difference, besides height, is the turning chain.  

Turning chain for SC is 1 chain, and does not count as a stitch, and you never work into the chain.

Turning chain for DC is 3 chains, and DOES count as a stitch, and you WILL work into it.  Because it counts as a stitch, when you chain 3 and turn, you skip the first DC in the row below you; if you don't, you will end up increasing stitches.  At the end of the row, the last stitch you need to work into is the top (3rd) chain of the turning chain of the row below.  A lot of new crocheters miss this; it might be a good idea to put a stitch marker there (I like bobby pins, they're cheap, don't snag and rarely fall out).

A lot of new crocheters have trouble with stitch counts for DC, either losing one at the end or gaining one at the beginning, which is why I wrote the above.

If you don't think what I described is the issue, do you have a way of posting a pic of your work so we can see what's going on?  (If you have a pic file on your computer, you can drag it to the bottom area of a new post).



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