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Treasure Boxes


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Finished these trinket boxes for my grandaughters & niece just in the St. Nick of time! Not perfect, but happy they’re finished. Glenda's Treasure Box by Cara Louise (Ravelry). I used DMC Cébélia 20 & 1.3 hook. Would've been finished sooner but I procrastinated on the little leaves & flowers til this morning.


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1 minute ago, Tampa Doll said:

They are so pretty.

I love the treasure boxes.  Have you seen the ones that have dolls on top?

Yours are very elegant.  The girls should love them.

Thanks Mary Jo! I haven't seen the ones with dolls. I'll google them & take a look.

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The boxes are beautiful and the gals will surely treasure them forever. Your work is so admirable.

Many years ago I went on a crochet-box binge for Christmas gifts with patterns from a Magic Crochet magazine. The boxes are still kept by all who received them and I was even asked the other day to make one for a GD's upcoming birthday. 

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On 1/3/2019 at 10:50 AM, Terri/LadySorce said:

Those are AWESOME!!!!!

I think I know what I will be doing come summer time :manyheart

Love your colors too.


7 hours ago, Apak said:

They are so delicate and beautiful! well done!

Thank you!

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