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Live-size doll for Christmas

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Hi everyone,

It´s been a while, but now I would like to share another project with you.

My ten-year-old has been asking me to make a live-size crochet doll for her for more than a year. I did try before, but let´s just say the face that was the result looked a bit like Frankenstein´s newest creation and I eventually told her I could not do it. Now she asked me again for Christmas and I decided on the spot that I would try one more time (though I told her it was unlikely). 

Honestly, I had no idea how difficult it is to make such a big doll look friendly... I went with a bigger head this time and different eyes and now I think it turned out OK. Her head is a bit heavy as a result which is why she wears a scarf. She can go without it, too, but then she often looks at the floor ;-) Other than that I´m quite happy with her and I hope my daughter will like her. The doll wears clothes for 3-4-year-olds and I got the same outfit for my daughter in her size (everything down to the socks...) The little doll was an afterthought - I want to give it to my daughter first (because she realized I was making something for her), the big doll will be given to her later as a true surprise.

So that´s the story that goes with this doll. Now my husband and I will live with her sitting in our bedroom until Christmas (my daughter knows she should not look around the corner and she won´t, she hates spoiled surprises). I just hope our dogs will stop barking at the doll soon ;-)







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The doll is amazing.

It's funny about dogs and dolls.  My now high school great niece came here with her Mom one year for Christmas and we got her one of those baby dolls that smells like powder for Christmas.  Our Sheltie Bailey who loved kids totally freaked out.  He knew it wasn't alive, but it smelled like powder which he associated with kids.  Since the girl was highly imaginative she expected everyone to treat her doll like a baby and he just couldn't quite understand what this thing was and he wanted no part of it.  She kept trying to introduce the baby to him and he'd flee in terror.  Oddly he and the girls (the female Shelties)  have always been curious about the baby dolls and the 18" dolls I use as models but while they will sniff they don't seem frightened just curious.  It might be that they don't smell like anything other than rubber and plastic.  Also while I put clothes on them, I don't treat them like children.

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That is just awesome.  You did a great job on the face. 


This might help a little with the head.  Especially since you daughter is 10.  Get a heavy duty gauge wire, cut to short of the head and work it down the middle of the head and neck.  You may need to do this with a couple of wires, but it should help make the head not so wobbly.  I have done this with a few dolls, of course they are not as big, but it seems to work.

Your daughter is going to love this doll.

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Thanks for your gracious replies, I´m gald you guys like her 🙂

@Tampa Doll:  That´s a great piece of advice, I´ll keep it in mind 🙂

@ Lila Hill: It took me a little more than a month, working in the evenings and now and again in the afternoons. I was not sure how long I would need and was surprised it went reasonably fast, even though there were a few things I had to do several times before they looked right... The face was one such problem, the other was the arms/shoulders. I usually leave a "hole" and the attach the arms seamlessly, but just like the face, this did not work for a doll this size. It looked like there were no shoulders at all - I had to add something that almost looked like an 80´s shoulder patch *rofl*

Again, thanks for your replies!

P.S: Our dogs have gotten used to her, thank goodness. But if I move the doll around they still get suspicious and bark. It´s quite hiliarious (we have too pugs...) and I already foresee my daughter "abusing" this 🙂


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