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Easy Dolly Nighty- 15-16' babies


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Hi Darski

thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I think they’re all just beautiful. My 6 year old daughter is obsessed with her dolls at the moment and constantly asking for new clothes for them. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you had patterns for 16 inch dolls too. I just wanted to check that sport weight yarn is required for this pattern? Or can I use light worsted or normal worsted yarn? Thank you ☺️ Charlie x

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I donate 16" dolls and use lots of Darski's patterns for my several sizes of dolls I donate.  My suggestion is to try the yarn you want to use and try it on the doll when you reach the arm hole stage which I believe in this pattern is row 6.  One of the things to realize is length of baby doll isn't always equal in how the doll fits the clothes so trying the outfits on as you make them is really important if you want them to fit.  You can usually get a decent feel for how your yarn/hook size is working when you make the arm holes and you see how the outfit is fitting in the back and the front.  If it is too large/small you can look at how big/small to determine if a change of hook will be enough or if you are going to need to adjust the yarn for a different weight.


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30 minutes ago, tdavis said:

I love this patter.  Do you happen to have the hat and blanket directions also?  Thank you so much. 


the blanket is just a large granny square. 

I don't have a pattern for this specific hat but there are other patterns out there that might work.

you can start with the Peachy Keen pattern peachy keen.pdf

if you want my pattern for making granny squares this will work: 2X2 set2 by 2 set.pdf

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