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Working across, afghan slants


Good evening.  I am wondering why when I work an afghan across (without turning) the finished afghan slants even thought the stiches line up to form the pattern.  

Specifically I am talking about this pattern.   It is a pattern that my grandmother did frequently, one for each of her grandchildren.  Because it was special to her I wanted to master the pattern to make some for my kids.  I used the pattern a few years ago to make an Afghan and it’s slanted. I didn’t notice it at first and all of the stitches line up in order to form the diamond shape it wasn’t until I was about halfway through that I noticed the slanting .  I added a picture but this is not the afghan that slants.  That one is not available to get pictures.  I just thought maybe the picture might help to spark some ideas.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.




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That's a beautiful afghan! 

Making sure I understand what you mean by working across without turning--do you mean work across, cut the yarn, start again at the beginning end?  So the right side is always facing?  Similar to this pattern ?  So basically as if you were working in the round, just not connected in the round.

I'm going to talk about a hat for a minute, bear with me.  Earlier this year I ran across this pattern for a US Olypmpic closing ceremony hat https://www.whistleandivy.com/crochet-neva-hat-crochet-olympics-team-hat/    It was worked in the round, in a spiral, but thru the back loops, and per the pattern, working in the back loops was supposed to create vertical stitches instead of slanting (slant= normal for same side facing in the round).  I was skeptical so I made a little swatch, in the round, same side facing--see below.  The bottom half of the swatch, with the grey stripe, was done thru both loops, .  Where the stripe changes to red, I made the stitches into the back loop, and the line ceased to be slanted, and went straight up and down.  Whoa!

The Navajo pattern I linked was worked in the back loop (and doesn't slant) , and the blanket pictured, which you say isn't the slanted one, does appear to be made in the back loops (you can see the front loop ridges, like the ones in my little swatch below).  So all this preamble to ask - are you working in the back loop?  Because it does make a difference.  Edit - eek, sorry pic is so big.

Colorwork spiral 2 loop vs back loop.jpg

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Thank you for the reply.  Yes, working across, cutting and then keep the work right facing.   I worked the slanted afghan in the back loops only and the one I started tonight I am using back loops only too.  I guess I'll work it for awhile and see how it goes.   Thanks again.

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